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This list of blogs is compiled from the Best of Blogs 2016 contest.


Michael Stack – Work Comp Roundup

  • Defending Medical Marijuana Claims
    The issue of “intoxication” from marijuana is a significant concern in nearly every workplace. Medical cannabis (marijuana) is an issue that will not go away.  As... Read more »

Bob Wilson – From Bob’s Cluttered Desk

Joe Paduda – Managed Care Matters

  • NO, higher indemnity payments ≠ longer disability
    A recent piece in WorkCompCentral highlighted research that ostensibly said paying injured workers higher indemnity benefits results in longer disability duration and higher costs. At... Read more »

David Depaolo – Depaolo’s Work Comp World

  • Comp Should Sue Purdue
    Over the past weekend the Los Angeles Times published a startling investigative story on Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin, and everything they knew about... Read more »

Tom Lynch & Julie Ferguson – WorkersComp Insider

Jon Gelman – Workers’ Compensation by Gelman

Jennifer Jordan – The Official Medicare Set Aside Blog

Conference Chronicles

  • Insurance Vision for the Future
    At the 2020 Insurance Information Institute Joint Industry Forum, a panel discussed the future of insurance. Insurance is undergoing a transformation that will make ours a... Read more »

David Langham – Florida Workers’ Comp Adjudication

Work Safe, Texas

Franco Signor MSP Blog

Julius Young – Workers’ Comp Zone

    The arrest of California law enforcement workers for workers’ comp fraud makes a splashy news item in the media.  In recent days there has been the... Read more »

Rafael Gonzalez – MedicareInsights Blog

Michael Gavin – Evidence Based

  • Which Arm of the Trial Would You Pick?
    For years, critics of opioid guidelines have argued that the absence of evidence on long term efficacy of opioids wasn't a sufficient reason to declare... Read more »

Louisiana Comp Blog

Sedgwick Connection

John Geaney – New Jersey Workers’ Comp Blog

The Return to Work Blog

Simply Work Comp

MEMIC Safety Net

Mark Pew

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