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Mark Walls – Founder of the Work Comp Analysis Group

Thank you for your wisdom @RobertPearlMD Too much of the focus on “fixing” healthcare is on who pays for it, not what it costs and the inefficiency in the delivery model.…

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Workers’ Comp Insurance News

"Things were so much simpler when there were not so many levels of stupid to contend with." When the Booby Prize Bites You in the Cute Butt @workcompking #BobsClutteredDesk

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Kimberly George –

Want to learn more about the #AllianceWC19 #futureofwork event next week? Check out for details. Follow @LGin412 - he is delivering the opening keynote. #pinksocks #experience #engagement #caringcounts

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Out Front Ideas

Thanks for featuring our @OutFrontIdeas session at #PARMAConf2019 on Disaster Planning and Response. Unfortunately our panelists have had a lot of experience with this the last couple of years with all the wildfires. @kimberlyanngeo @wcmarkwalls thank all who attended!…

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